7 Things You Never Knew About Swiss Army Knives

Switzerland is famous for their watches, chocolate, cheese and their banks. But apart from these things one thing is also very famous among everyone is there Swiss Army Knives. These multi-tool or pocketknife has been time tested and has been coined by American soldiers after World War II due to difficulty in pronouncing “Offiziersmesser”.

Earlier version include only one blade, a can opener and reamer for consuming canned food with screw driver need for Swiss Army’s rifles. These multi-purpose tools become famous for their quality and can be used in different types of works.  There are many things which you did not know about Swiss Army Knife:

1 Born in Germany, not Switzerland

The first Swiss Army Knives were actually produced by Wester & Co. situated in Germany. At that time there were no companies which can make these knives in Switzerland. The first order was given in 1890 to Wester & Co. which produced these knives in Solingen, Germany which is over 300 miles from Swiss border.

2 How Swiss Army Knives gets “Made in Switzerland”

After making the Swiss army knives in Germany, Victoniox founder Karl Elsener, decided in 1891 to bring the whole production unit in Switzerland. Karl Elsener at that time was in surgical equipment production business. Karl Elserner founded a company named Victorinox, by combining the name of his mother Victoria and acier inoxydable which in French means stainless steel. Thus by 1891 the famous Swiss Army Knives was born which are truly made in Switzerland.

3 Swiss Army Knives are produced by two companies

There are actually two companies which produce official Swiss Army Knives. The first one is Victorinox and second one Boéchat & Cie, which later became Wenger. In order to keep the quality of product and level of competition, Swiss government gives order to these two companies.

Both companies claim to have the official knives as in there advertisement. Victorinox advertised as “The Original Swiss Army Knife” whereas Wenger advertise as “The Genuine Swiss Army Knife”. These competition ends with Victorinox eventually on 2005 acquired Wenger.

4 Swiss Army Knives showcase in Museum

Can you believe it, Swiss Army Knives are showcase in many Museum for their glories’ past. They were included in The New York Museum of Modern Art and the State Museum for Applied Art in Munich. If you want to know more about these knives you can visit to these Museums.

5 You can find thermometers, ballpoint pens, flashlights.

You can find many attachments which has been included for their usability over the time. SwissChampXAVT has included over 44 tools that server over 80 functions. You can find many attachment like themometers, ballpoint pens, LED light, USB stick , Magnifying lens, Hoof Cleaner.

6 The Biggest Swiss Army Knives

The Biggest Swiss Army Knives produce by Wenger and released in 2006 include 87 tools which perform 120 functions and weight around two pounds.

7 Swiss Army Knives are owned by Karl

Karl Elsener founded Victorinox and run the company until 1918, after that Karl Elsener II took over the company. He run the company from 1919 to 1950 and passes on the legacy to Karl III who run that company from 1951 to 2007. After that karl IV took over and still running the famous Victorinox company.

These are some unique fact and figures; we hope that you find it amusing, keep using the Swiss Army Knives for its quality and multi performing tasks

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